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One-Way Charter Flights

One-way trips that are being offered at reduced prices (more than 50% off the normal charter rate!). If your schedule is flexible and you see a flight you can use, please contact us for pricing. Rates quoted for one-way trips are subject to availability and are non-cancelable once confirmed. In many cases, there is flexibility with the date, departure and destination.  All flights are in our in our light jet and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

September 22, 2014FloridaNorthboundFlexible TimeUntil September 25
October 09, 2014FloridaNorthboundFlexible TimeFlexible Departure Date
October 20, 2014FloridaNorthboundFlexible TimeFlexible Departure Date
October 25, 2014ChicagoSouthboundUntil 17:00Flexible Departure Date
November 23, 2014ChicagoSouthboundUntil 17:00Flexible Departure Date
December 26, 2014FloridaNorthbound
December 27 2014FloridaNorthboundFlexible Date
January 3 2015ChicagoSouthboundFlexible Date
February 4 2015ColoradoEastboundFlexible Date
February 11 2015ChicagoWestboundFlexible Date
March 28 2015ColoradoEastboundFlexible Date
April 3 2015ChicagoWestboundFlexible Date
September 19 2014FloridaNorthboundAfter 1500Flexible date