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Certified. Qualified. Ready.

J.A. Air Center’s maintenance department is an FAA-certified Part 145 repair station. Many personal and corporate (Part 91), charter and fractional (Part 135) owners rely on the experience and knowledge of our specialists to maintain their aircraft to highest safety standards. With 25 full-time A&P technicians on staff, and more than 150,000 square feet of hangar and corporate-office space, J.A. Air Center is the Midwest’s premier service facility.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

The measure of a maintenance operation’s ability is the skill of its staff, but also the quality of its support equipment. This is where J.A. Air Center excels. State-of-the-art hydraulic power and pressurization equipment, dynamic prop balancing, platform as well as load cell scales, turbine and piston engine specialized tooling, calibration, and other diagnostic equipment allow us to give the most professional service possible. The cooperation of vendors, engineers and NDT providers also gives support crucial to meeting your maintenance needs.


Structural Modifications and STC Installations

Technicians experienced with extensive cosmetic, sheet metal, power plant and structural modification makes us the place to have those upgrades and enhancements done.

Damage repair and Restoration 

Our sheet metal, structural, and exterior finish technicians have the tooling, training and experience to return aircraft that have experienced an incident back into a ship you can be proud of.  Our technician’s technical knowledge and rebuilding experience comes from doing the job right for over thirty years.  And in many cases those same technicians have been here the whole time.  Compare that with the shop you’re using now.

Versatility & Variety

J.A. Air Center is a recognized Factory Service Center for:

              Single Engine                                                    Multi Engine                                                                    Caravan  


    Dallas Airmotive                                                             Diamond Aircraft                                                            LoPresti


              RAM Aircraft                                                                                        TCM Link

Our team provides the best aircraft support through its affiliations with top dealers in the industry. Our partnerships enable us to offer discounted prices and comprehensive deals.

J. A. Air Center’s Maintenance Dealership relationships provide other ways for us to provide options for your aircraft.

   Chadwick Prop Balancing


M.O.R.E. Turbine life Extension Program
J.A. Air Center’s certified technicians are experienced in many other Piston engine aircraft besides Cessna.

Beechcraft Single and Multi Engine                                              Piper Single and Multi Engine 



     Cirrus                                                                                                    Mooney 

Our Turboprop experience includes:


Beechcraft King Air 90-300 Series                                    Cessna Conquest                                    Piper Cheyenne I – IV 





        Fairchild Metro II’s and III’s                                                                                             Pilatus 




                         Socata TBM                                                                                    Embraer 120’s

J. A.s Turbine experience has been a secret…until now. 


Cessna Citation 500 – 650 Series                                     Learjet 24 – 45 Series 





Raytheon Hawker Series through the 800XP 


  Falcon 10 through 50EX                             Sabre 60 through 80 

A.O.G Service

J.A. Air Center offers A.O.G. service to local and transient customers at any airport in the region.  Because J.A. Air Center operates as director of maintenance for a number of charter operators, we understand the need for a quick response. Our complete avionics support team and extensive parts inventory enable us to serve your needs with very limited downtime. 

The J. A. Go Team     

Not convenient to bring your aircraft to the shop?  Our technicians can be at your hangar, on your airport, doing the job on site with the same strengths and skills you’ve come to depend on during your shop visits in many cases.  Our Go Team is ready at a moments notice to take care of many of those minor items that just don’t justify relocating the aircraft.  We have contracts regularly servicing customers at other Chicagoland airports and they love us.  You will too. 

Contract Maintenance   

We have agreements in place to meet the needs of corporate operators specifically tailored to their individual company needs.  Every company owned aircraft is there for differing reasons, whether it’s for executive travel, or maybe a corporate shuttle.  Or maybe your staff needs to move across the country and using the airlines makes meeting deadlines impossible.  Each operator has his own reasons for ownership, and each operator has his individual maintenance needs too.  We can meet those needs whether it’s with specialized services, after hours support, technical advice for your own support staff, on loan technicians or special pricing packages.  We even send our trained and experienced A&Ps to our customers out of state operations to support them doing inspections in-house.  You show us your need….we’ll find a solution. 

Aircraft Evaluations

You wouldn’t think of buying a stock without checking its past performance, its viability and current value.  So don’t even consider doing that when investing in your aircraft.  Get a J. A. Aircraft Evaluation done and know what you’re buying.  We perform several evaluations each week, we live and breathe them.  So use our experience to give you the edge when doing yours.  We might find that hidden deal-breaker or just uncover some little gotcha’s, but in any case you’ll know what you’re buying before the wire transfer.  We look the plane over; have our professional records manager check its records and history; our engine specialists know what to look for and our airframe people give it a thorough going through.  Next we give you a written list of our findings and if you want, we can act as your advocate in negotiating the repairs or pricing reductions based on what was found.  Remember, you can control the deal once you know the details.  Let us help.

Engine Support

As a factory service center for RAM, TCM, Victor and Lycoming engines, J.A. Air Center gives customers many repair options. Our piston-engine experts provide engine removal and installation. We will guide you through the many choices involved in repair and overhaul of your engine. J.A. Air Center also has relationships with factory-approved engine overhaul facilities, allowing us to provide various quotes to ensure fair and competitive pricing.  On the turbine side we have the skills, tooling and training to support your routine and line maintenance needs.  We support numerous turbine operators on a regular basis, performing inspections, hot sections, rigging and engine changes. 

We also provide oil analysis, borescope inspections, top overhauls and accessory replacement, in addition to routine-service requirements. 


Airframe: Class 1 & 3             Power Plant     Accessories
Radio: Class 1, 2 & 3              Instrument: Class 1, 2 & 3
Specialized Services 

Airframe Support

It has been our pleasure to provide aircraft supplies to the Chicago area for more than 40 years. Many of J.A. Air Center’s maintenance technicians are factory trained, and their knowledge is ever-expanding.  From annual inspections to complete refurbishment, J.A. Air Center has the manpower and technical expertise necessary to fulfill your airframe requirements. 

FAA Liaison    

J.A. Air Center’s staff has developed strong relationships with local and regional governing agencies making approval of unusual projects a snap.  Our management staff participates in the FAAFastTeam program giving back to the industry.  We good personal relationships we can typically have a ferry permit in as little as a couple of hours…the impossible takes us a bit longer. 

Reference Materials

Technical manuals and publications are essential tools for proper maintenance. J.A. Air Center has a complete library of parts for all aircraft we maintain. Additionally, we subscribe to online technical publications that allow us to search A.D.’s and Service Bulletins up to the last minute. All A.D. reports are provided in paper and digital format. 

Paint and Interior

J.A. Air Center has an in-house painting capability for smaller jobs and touchups, and numerous relationships with a number of paint and interior shops throughout the Midwest for complete exterior refurbishment.  Whether you’re looking for a quick touch-up or show quality alternatives J.A. can refer you to a shop that can help.  Complete refurbishments can be coordinated to limit down-time of your project. 

Maintenance Tracker

J.A. Air Center’s maintenance tracker is a convenient, in-house maintenance-tracking program similar to Cescom or CAMP. This service utilizes Microsoft Excel and is accessible from any computer and tracks all required inspections, mandatory replacement items, time-life components, MSB’s and AD’s.  A small fee is required to research your logs and setup the spreadsheet and yearly fees are waived for customers that use JA maintenance for all routine inspections.