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Aircraft Rental

JA Flight Services rents, leases and charters a full line of late-model Cessna products equipped with Garmin’s G1000 advanced avionics suite.  All JA aircraft are maintained by our FAA certified repair station and Cessna approved Service Center.  All JA flights depart out of our new arrival and departure terminal where aircraft are pre-positioned prior to your arrival…..aircraft renting has never been so convenient!

New Cessna Skycatcher Added to JA’s Training Fleet

Cessna 162

 JA Flight Training Now Offers a New Cessna Skycatcher for Rental and Training Whether you’re looking to get your Sport Pilot Rating or Private Pilot license the Cessna Skycatcher makes it affordable and fun.  Cessna’s all new light sport aircraft is built to Cessna standards, incorporates the latest technology, and is extremely easy to fly.  Call… Read More

JA Flight Training adds Glass Piper Seminole

449 News Release

JA Flight Training in the Chicago Suburbs welcomes the newest aircraft to our flight training and rental fleet: 449JA.  A new Piper Seminole, 449JA is equipped with a G500 glass cockpit, dual 430s and an autopilot.  With the introduction of this aircraft into our fleet, JA is now proud to offer aviation career training –… Read More

2010 Cessna 172S (G1000)

172SP flight

Description: Available for individual rental or instruction. Learn to fly in the all new G1000 Skyhawk with the new GFC700 autopilot. Requires Avionics checkout and flight checkout. There are no minimum requirements for private pilots. Students will require an instructor sign-off.   Aircraft Photos

Flight Simulator – Full Motion (AATD)

Redbird FMX

Description: JA’s full-motion flight simulator is a FAA approved flight training device and available for single-engine and multi-engine training. The Garmin G1000 “Redbird” is also a great platform to learn the G1000 system, get BFR’s, log multi-engine time and qualifies for almost half the hours needed for instrument training. Aircraft Photos