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Cessna T206H Turbo Stationaire


More muscle. Better climb. Higher altitude. Greater speed. Legendary payload capacity. With its 310-horse turbocharged powerplant, the Turbo Stationair serves up all those superlatives plus additional safety margins, especially during hot-high operations.

There’s plenty of room for pilot, co-pilot and up to four additional sidekicks. Even at high-speed cruise with seats full, there’s ample fuel for three-plus hours of flight, plus reserves.



Stationair’s six-seat configuration is highly flexible. Both the rear bench seat and the rear passenger seats are removable to give you options for people and/or cargo. Seats 1-4 feature AmSafe inflatable seatbelts and shoulder harness.






Cargo Pod

An external, fuselage-mounted cargo pod provides an additional 16 cubic feet (.5 m3) and handles up to 300 pounds (136 kg) of payload. The Stationair’s optional utility interior, complete with industrial-strength vinyl and skid-proof rubber flooring, adds even more versatility.



FloatsNo dry land?  No problem.

Equip your Cessna with floats, and your three-letter airport code becomes H20. No matter your maritime destination, the amphibious single engine can take you there. Whether it’s fishing in a frosty mountain river or scuba diving in the Caribbean. Whatever floats your boat.


The Cessna Enforcer – Your eye in the Sky


Helicopters have a loud, distinct noise signature that attracts attention no matter  which altitude they operate.  A fixed wing Cessna aircraft is a more discrete observation platform that attracts little attention.  It offers much greater time on station and quicker “dash” times than a helicopter.

An Enforcer equipped Cessna aircraft is a flexible ISR solution that delivers greater range, endurance, and mission payload than a comparable class helicopter all at a fraction of the cost.


Camera1Mission Specific Equipment:

The Garmin G1000 cockpit of an Enforcer equipped Cessna can be customized to meet your ISR mission needs.  The MFD of the G1000 is capable of displaying NTSC video from the aircraft’s imaging system.  This eliminates the need for a separate cockpit display, saving valuable panel space and lowering your equipment costs.  Also available for the G1000 is Garmin’s Search & Rescue (SAR) package.  The SAR package allows the pilot to program the GFC700 with 4 separate types of search patterns: Parallel Track, Expanding Square, Sector Search, and Circle Search.



An Enforcer equipped Cessna is available with one of several imaging system options from SkyIMD.  The SkyFusion Pak imaging system from SkyIMD utilizes the TASE family of inertial stabilized cameras to provide a light weight and cost effective aerial surveillance solution.  The camera pod of the SkyFusion Pak is approved for mounting on the aircraft wing strut.