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New Cessna Aircraft




Skycatcher embodies the fun-to-fly characteristics standard in every Cessna aircraft. Dubbed the best “starter plane” by Popular Mechanics the Skycatcher is as fun to fly as it is cheap!




Skyhawk SP

Skyhawk is the ultimate “no surprises” aircraft. From it’s all glass G1000 panel to forgiving flight characteristics, the Skyhawk has bred more pilots than any other airplane. We are excited to offer free private pilot training with your purchase of a new 172SP!






Sure. You could fly a Skylane for all kinds of rational, cognitive reasons: like an exceptional blend of speed, range, safety, capability, price and cost of ownership. But why not just strap in, fire up all 230 horses and trust your gut instead?






Skylane JT-A

Jet-A fueled, the innovative SMA powerplant delivers 30-40% fuel savings, with greater range or higher payload. You’ll have more time between engine overhauls, keeping operating costs at a minimum. This aircraft is a true game-changer.







The Cessna Stationair offers lower operating costs and is easy to maintain. In addition, it has a voluminous cabin that is highly configurable and can be transformed from a six-seater into a cargo-intensive hauler.





Cessna Corvalis TTx


Take to the skies in style with best in class performance and safety. The TTx is also the only aircraft within class to be certified in the Utility Category; the FAA’s most demanding non-aerobatic certification level.  With supercar inspired aesthetics you’ll feel right at home in Cessna’s high-performance, luxury low-wing.




Cessna is proud to announce the new Enforcer, giving you the advantage of an aerial perspective in law enforcement.  An Enforcer equipped Cessna is a low cost, multi-mission aircraft that provides the force multiplication public agencies require in today’s challenging budget environment.




Caravan 675

A true workhorse aircraft, the Caravan 675 offers fuel efficiency, versatility  and ultimate flexibility with a rugged and durable design



Amphibian - Icon

Caravan Amphibian

From executive travel to freight hauling, or both the Amphibian Caravan is a rugged aircraft  with generous cargo space that delivers on land, water and in the air.




Grand Caravan EX

Now certified – the Grand Caravan EX features an engine upgrade with increased overall performance, so you can climb faster, fly faster, and get there quicker with a shorter takeoff distance. Making the world’s favorite multipurpose hauler that much grander.



Super Cargomaster

The name says it all – with front-to-back cargo loading and spacious, flat flooring, the heavy-lifting Super Cargomaster is the fail-safe choice to help you deliver the goods.