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Aero Club

Mission Statement:

Inspired by AOPA’s Flying Club Campaign, JA aims to grow participation in the local general aviation community by offering a level of availability, service and quality unprecedented in a club environment.

Our goal is to facilitate future members in creating a self-sustaining organization comprised of top notch general aviation aircraft for all levels of pilots; from newly certificated to the seasoned veteran.


JA FleetWhat is a flying club?

According to AOPA a flying club is an exclusive organization of pilots and aircraft formed to make flying more affordable for its members and form a bastion of camaraderie.

What works best for you?

Give us a call or stop in and let us know. We are still in the planning stages for the club; any and all input is welcome.  Check in for upcoming focus groups and planning event dates.

What’s new?

JA will continue to host open, informational, focus group style, meetings  for all interested parties through April ‘13. Feedback garnered at these sessions has proven to be crucial in assessing wants & needs of the future membership.

Next Meeting Dates (in the JA Conference room):

  •  Wednesday,
    February 20th 7pm
  • Thursday,
    March 7th @ 7pm
  • Saturday,
    March 16th @ 12pm

How does a flying club work?

There is no simple answer to this question. Of 130 clubs the author surveyed (sampled from 650 nationally) each one differed from the last in structure and operation. Most clubs are a non-profit organization with a combination of equity and non-equity members and, on average, 11-15 members per aircraft.

Type of operation graph Members per aircraft graph2






Why join the JA Aero Club?

JA offers the potential for a club experience unlike any other. With our world class, award winning facilities and a fleet of well maintained, glass-paneled aircraft there’s sure to be a place for everyone from light sport to King Air pilot, weekend warrior to business professional. Below are actual results from our Flying Club Survey.

Reasons for joining

Ownership/equity positions currently available in the following aircraft:

  *  Cessna TTx
  * Corvalis 400
  * JT-A 182
  * G1000 172
  * 162 Skycatcher
  * Caravan


Get involved!

Have you always wanted to start a flying club, your way? Have you found that other flying clubs just don’t have what you’re looking for?

– Take on an active role in the formation of your Flying Club: we are actively      seeking motivated members to assume leadership positions in order to help in organizing/forming the club. Call Alex Krause for more information (630)      440-2203.

Types of aircraft

What type of aircraft?

Possibilities include but are not limited to:

Cessna Caravan
If you have an aircraft you’re interested in leasing back to the Club contact the JA Sales Department for more information.





JA Pic

What does JA offer?

All Garmin glass fleet – G1000, G600, GNS 430/530
All aircraft equipped with XM weather
145 repair station with dedicated director of maintenance
Well qualified staff of pilots and instructors
Impeccable maintenance
World class facilities: “red carpet” treatment
Ability to structure the club around your specific operational needs
How many members per aircraft?
Which aircraft?
Member ran Board of Directors?
Events/fly-outs/safety meetings?
Member leaseback?
Buy out/in considerations?
Maintenance & safety programs?
Member proficiency program?

How do I get more information?

Fill out our online survey.
Leave your information at the bottom of this page